Sculptures, Earth Goddesses

Originally, there is no sketch, just the inert matter, his sculptor profession, his know-how, ans his desire to give birth to a form with gracious lines. To give birth to the life from only one line as said Hokusai.

"The first young girl emerges from the world down below, from the earth which is part of her and from which she cannot separate" entrusts the artist in his book "Jean-Philippe Richard became sculptor". The bodies are worked from the knees, the arms are stucked to the body, the woman is born from the earth as a crysalis which come out of its cocoon.

Jean-Philippe Richard developped the sculptures un from the knees paying attention to the hands and the breast, the faces, sketched, are open on the world. They correspond to a stereotype, a female ideal with regular lines, harmonious. The body line are fluid, slim rewarding the sculptures of a character nearly ethereal. These qualifiers are not opposed to individualisation. The sculptor gave to each one a first name : Margot, Isabeau, Anais, Rose, Mélissandre, Chloé, Charlotte, Marina... One of them, the first to welcome the visitors is named Justine or Isis in memory of Phoenician who venerated in these places the Egyptian goddess of the fertility and eternity. Several people affirm that she would have given his name to the village. 


The Artist Jean-Philippe Richard

From 1972 to 1989 Jean-Philippe Richard worked on different supports and acquired an experience in numerous techniques of "art appliqué" : oil painting, mosaic of stones in fresco or in "sleeping mat", silk-screen printing, etching on limetsones, high relief of architecture...

In 1990, he installed his workshop in Mirabel aux Baronnies in the Drôme (France) where he started his work on the female statuary. This research allowed him to explore the mysteries of feminity. His creatures are steeped of eternity, wheter they are made in bronze, crystal or earth. It is from this last matter which he calls "dust of stars" that the artist gave to them the life.

The artist took part in numerous exhibitions: in Paris at "Espace création", at Salon des Seigneurs de l'Art in Arles, at "2ème salon d'Art plastique ACEA" in Barcelona, at "Artexpo salon international" in New York...

Its sculptures are permanently in many French or foreign galleries, Gallery Jean-Philippe Richard in Saint Remy de Provence, Gallery le Baron in Saint Paul de Vence, Gallery Chabanian in Megeve and in Honfleur, restaurant du rond point des Champs Elysées in Paris, Gallery de Provence in New York and at the S.R. Brennen Gallery of Palm Desert in California.


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The book: "Jean-Phlippe Richard become Sculpture", texts of Annie Bastide, Lyon, Art Print, 2002, 174p. Price : 90 euros (to consult us for the carriage cost)