UK Mont Bastide

Category: The upper Corniche

Local people ( Ligurian then Celto-ligurian people according to Greek and Latin, after having merged with Celts from North-East) are designed like rough, brave and good warriors in the

first century according to Diodore of Sicilia and Strabon. From the VIst century BC erected

they different four-cornered and circular structures made of big blocks : the "Castellaras".

The region counts several castellaras, but the one of Mont Bastide in the Grande Corniche

is one of the most preserved and famous because the different excavation' campaigns since the XIXth c., notably in the 50's with the commandant Octobon and then with Pascal Arnaud, history and archeology professor on roman time in the faculty of Nice, who had devoted several campaigns from 1998 to 2001.