The fortification system of La Revère and La Drète

Called in the Dépôt of fortification in Paris, he followed its carrier with different posts to be in the first line in case of conflict: Nice, Metz and Lyon. In 1873, one year before being appointed Director of the Engineering Service (untill 1880), the General imagine aproject to protect borders. This system is based on the "defensive wall "principle with fortification lines while using sparingly holes to attract ennemies.

Two kind of the Séré de Rivières' fortresses : " Cavalier and high battery" with barrack blocks on periphery under the pieces and " Central massif and low battery" with battery on periphery and barrack blocks in the center. Fortresses of La La Drette and La Revere are on the second kind. In 1910, in 510m high, La Drette fortress controls the invasion way from Le Paillon and the Col de Tende, with 2 cannons of 155mm, 6 of 120 mm, 4 of 95 mm and 4 gun cannons. La Revere fortress, in 695m high, observes valleys of Laghet and Paillon. Its armament included 4 cannons of 155 mm, 3 of 120 mm, 5 of 95 mm, 4 guncannons and 4 smooth mortars.

Three annex batteries depends on it: La Calanca, La Forna and Samboules.

A Spectacular espace

During the second world war, Vichy's government get transfer allied prisonners in La Revere, essentially english pilots. In March and August 1942, there was two spectacular escapes.

The first one was carefully prepared by the Pat O'Leary network and the army chaplain,

who photographed prisonners to make false ID. The plan was so easy : have an access to

the infirmary by the toilets pipe, saw window bars above the moat and go down a rope.

Thanks to outside complicities, a half of the 10 escaped pilots could reach Great Britain.

The others were catched i Nice and Monaco.

The second escape was more audacious. During 6 weeks, prisonners digged a tunnel of 30m.

In the course of the night of 23rd and 24th of August, 66 aviators took it. The alert was given during the passage of the 67th prisonner. 31, thanks to the F2 and Libé-Sud network,

get back to their country.

La Drette fortress was used like munitions depot by the army untill 1987 and some soldiers stayed in La Revere after war. Closed to the public, surroundings offers nowadays some beautiful walks. The point of view from La Revere is unique. The whole coast stetches from Italia to Saint Tropez, with the medieval village below, hung on its own crag.